From a very primitive beginning in the 1860’s- a small bakery opened in Abbotsford Melbourne. This little bakery aimed to meet the gold rush demand for freshly baked loaves of bread. As time went on, this little bakery grew into a bigger bakery which then inturn became McAlpin’s Flour.

     In 1960, this business was sold and the family went on to purchase a cake shop. From there the family went into biscuits and built a factory to which they soon outgrew. From this biscuit factory the MACS SHORTBREAD company was born as we know it today. 6 generations of traditional bakers down the line- we have greatly enhanced our business model, capacity and efficiency.

     A branch off the traditional Macs Shortbread emerged -GUMNUT COUNTRY BAKEHOUSE in 2001, which took the original biscuits and portion packed them for a very specific market.

     In 2012- EATWELL FOODS was formed, and as you would know it today, has made its mark in the food service industry.


     Eatwell foods has moved into a new ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facility recently with immense investments over the last couple of years in automation and sustainability. This facility saw capacity move to cracker production also, which enhanced the traditional range to sweet to encompass savory cracker PC packs.

     Eatwell has a range of “+8” certified (Arthritis Australia) PC portion packed biscuits and cereals, used throughout Australia’s: Aged care, Hospital, Hotel, Airline and Motel sectors. Of course, this is not limited only to these areas, where PC packaging is required- Eatwell will satisfy.

     A recent expansion of the range included BULK cereal packaging: thus, opening our customer base to Prisons, many more hospitals/ hotels, and industrial caters.

     We aim to meet the highest standards of food production along with global quality accreditation, making us industry leaders in portion-controlled biscuits and cereals.

     Each packet from Eatwell, be it a GUMNUT, MACS or EATWELL branded product, comes with its own unique packaging and separate nutritional panel on the back, providing you with all the essential specs and data which you need. Spec sheets are provided freely upon request from our admin- thus helping the whole process for you and your nutritional team to approve. We have a true national footprint and a very vast array of distributors throughout the country; thus, you will find a local distributor nearby you.

     Lastly, we are very proud to say that we are still 100% Australian made and owned. In fact, we are still in the hands of the 5th and 6th generation to this wonderful history of bread and biscuits. Please reach out to us today, we are more than happy to help you and/or discuss anything biscuit/cereal related.


The mission of Eatwell Foods is to strive every day to meet and exceed our customers' expectations with superior Australian Made biscuits & cereals. This includes uncompromised service and back-up support.


Eatwell Foods is HACCP Approved. Cert No. HCV20108